International Scientific and Vocational Studies Journal

International Scientific and Vocational Studies Journal

Investigating the Relationship between the Opinions of Mothers with Infants in Intensive Care Unit on Human Milk Banking and their Religious Attitudes

Yazarlar: Özgür ALPARSLAN, Gülçin BOZKURT

Cilt 4 , Sayı 2 , 2020 , Sayfalar 90 - 96


Anahtar Kelimeler:Donor milk, human milk bank, intensive care unit, milk kinship, religious attitude

Özet: The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between the opinions of mothers with newborns in intensive care unit on human milk banking and their religious attitudes. Designed in a descriptive and cross-sectional type (June–November 2015). The study was conducted on 200 mothers who agreed to participate in the study. The data were collected using the Religious Attitude Scale and an information form. It was determined that the mothers' 4% gave another mother's milk to their babies, and that 95% did not give their own milk to other babies. It was found that 32% of the mothers stated they would not be willing to donate milk if a milk bank opened, while 69% of this proportion did not favor the donation due to religious milk kinship. No statistically significant relation was found between parents' education, employment status, family type, number of children and scale scores (p>.05). It was concluded that the religious orientations of the mothers influenced their attitudes towards human milk banks, and that did not have a positive perspective on human milk banking. When the test results were examined, it was found that the only variable that was a significant predictor on the religious attitude was “obtaining milk from the bank when needed”.

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