A+Arch Design International Journal of Architecture and Design

A+Arch Design International Journal of Architecture and Design

Rethinking the Role of the Street: A Framework for Developing Liveable Streets in Urban Fabric of Turkey

Yazarlar: ["Shurouk MOHAMMAD", "Hatice KALFAOĞLU HATİPOĞLU"]

Cilt - , Sayı Cilt: 8 Sayı: 2 , 2022 , Sayfalar -


Anahtar Kelimeler:Liveability,Liveable street,Characteristics of liveability,Urban design,Social interaction,Social sustainability,Gaziantep city

Özet: The streets have been converted into substantial traffic thoroughfares in contemporary cities, although the prevailing belief that the street is just a channel for movement has expired. Streets provide possibilities contributing to social interaction as a part of public life. They are "more than physical transit roads" because of their wider role and impact on activity patterns and social life by ensuring harmony and dynamism in the urban fabric. This study aims to rethink streets and explore the socio-spatial characteristics of vibrant and liveable street design. Following this aim, a literature review has been conducted through looking at several theories of liveable streets and their role in urban fabric to define an analytical framework which has been used to analyze the street. This framework has been defined in three main categories: physical, social, and functional attributes. Within the scope of this framework, a street in Gaziantep has been chosen as a case study to examine strengths and weaknesses through observations. In conclusion, concrete recommendations for determining problems have been proposed with the help of illustration/visualization techniques following the framework's criteria. Moreover, these can provide a guideline for future designs.

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