Elderly Access and Mosques: Burdur Case

Yazarlar: Sultan KILIÇ, Ümit AKCA

Cilt 1 , Sayı 1 , 2021 , Sayfalar 14-45



Anahtar Kelimeler:Aging,Disability,Accesibility,Worship

Özet: No individual experiences aging and senility independent of the environment in which he lives. Aging is a whole created by multidimensional, interconnected processes. In the phenomenon of aging, which consists of multidimensional and multidimensional processes, each dimension is examined separately. In today's studies, where aging is not specific to the biological field, environmental requirements accompanying the aging process and which must be adapted are taken into consideration. In this context, it is very important for individuals in the aging process to be able to participate in social life without restriction and to adapt to their daily life. Age-friendly, accessible environments promote health and well-being, encouraging individuals to participate in social life as they age. They are accessible, equitable, inclusive, safe, secure and supportive. It covers the evaluation of accessible and quality worship opportunities by trying to determine the ease and difficulty of use of places of worship frequently used by elderly individuals within the scope of being able to worship freely within the right to life and having this right. Accessibility in places of worship has been investigated in this study, as places of worship are used by many elderly individuals.

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