Turizm Ekonomisi, Yönetimi ve Politika Araştırması

Turizm Ekonomisi, Yönetimi ve Politika Araştırması

Evaluatıon of The Effects of Tourısm Revenues on The Turkısh Economy through Macroeconomıc Varıables


Cilt - , Sayı Cilt 2 Sayı 2 , 2022 , Sayfalar -


Anahtar Kelimeler:Tourism,Tourism Sector,Turkish Tourism,Macroeconomic Indicators

Özet: The importance of the tourism sector has started to increase since the second half of the twentieth century and has become a potential source of income for the economies of countries. So much so that tourism revenues have been seen as the key to growth and development for developed and developing countries. In addition, tourism is one of the most important sub-items of the services sector, which ensures the redistribution of income and wealth between and within the country. Since it is related to many sectors, it contributes to employment with the positive externalities it creates and plays an important role in closing foreign trade deficit, current account deficit and balance of payments deficits. Today, in addition to being the fastest growing sector in the world economy, alternative tourism types that are constantly changing according to the wishes and needs of people are also emerging. In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the effects of tourism revenues on the Turkish economy through macroeconomic variables in the 2001-2021 period with statistical data. According to the evaluations made from the data obtained, it can be said that tourism revenues positively affect economic growth and development in Turkey by making significant contributions to increasing income and gross domestic product, closing foreign trade deficit, current account deficit and balance of payments deficits, reducing unemployment and increasing employment.

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