Turizm Ekonomisi, Yönetimi ve Politika Araştırması

Turizm Ekonomisi, Yönetimi ve Politika Araştırması

The Rural Areas And Farm Tourism: An Evaluation On Turkey

Yazarlar: ["Cansu GÜVEN"]

Cilt - , Sayı Cilt 2 Sayı 1 , 2022 , Sayfalar -


Anahtar Kelimeler:Farm Tourism,Rural Tourism,Rural Life

Özet: Today's countries in the economic growth race are trying to improve human welfare in line with development goals for the sustainability of growth. In order to obtain effective outputs for national targets in terms of both growth and development, it requires the production of policies without ignoring the rural areas and  settlements. Today, it can be said that rural Tourism activities have become a frequently used tool in terms of development policies and increasing welfare by eliminating interregional differences. Although the use of this tool creates various advantages in improving the living conditions of the residents; On the other hand, since it can pose a threat to the untouched natural and cultural values in these areas. It is of great importance to preserve and develop the natural, cultural, economic, social etc texture in the countryside especially such as Turkey which has various riches formed in the natural environment as it has been the center of life in many periods of history together with the climate and geographical conditions. In the study, aimed to evaluate the effects of farm tourism activities, which have started to be carried out within the scope of rural tourism in the world, on rural areas where a relatively closed society is living compared to cities, and on life in terms at Turkey. In this context, by examining the national and international literature, after the general information about farm tourism in the last century, the results of the current situation, the potential of implementation and its effects on the countryside will be reached through official statistics in Turkey.

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