Turizm Ekonomisi, Yönetimi ve Politika Araştırması

Turizm Ekonomisi, Yönetimi ve Politika Araştırması

A Review on Interrelation between Tourism and Migration Phenomenologies

Yazarlar: ["Yakup Kemal ÖZEKİCİ"]

Cilt - , Sayı Cilt 2 Sayı 2 , 2022 , Sayfalar -


Anahtar Kelimeler:Migration,Sociology,Tourism,Antecedents of migration,Consequences of migration

Özet: The tourism system is a trigger for migration in terms of dimensions such as secondary housing and workforce. However, it is a matter of debate whether the act of travel is an act of immigration in itself. Touristic mobility represents a phenomenon in which there is no common opinion about its definition, and the basis of this situation is the differences in the definition of actions. The aim of this study is to bring together the arguments that define tourism as a migration movement and those that do not, and to enhance ideas in this way, based on the discussions on the relationship between tourism and migration phenomena in the literature. In this context, firstly, the mutually motivating structures of the causes and results of tourism-oriented migrations are explained. Afterwards, the considerations developed for the idea of ​​positioning the tourism act as an act of migration in the literature were examined and in this way, it contributed to the positioning of the tourist mobility phenomenon in the migration literature. As a result of the study, theoretical and practical suggestions have been developed that will contribute to the interdisciplinary evolution of tourism.

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