Innovational Research in ELT

Innovational Research in ELT

Master students’ voices about post-method pedagogy

Yazarlar: Burçin Baytur

Cilt 1 , Sayı 1 , 2020 , Sayfalar 45-53


Anahtar Kelimeler:Macro strategies,Particularity,Pedagogic parameters,Post-method pedagogy

Özet: Post method pedagogy can be regarded as a good way to deal with the lacks experienced by the usage of traditional methods. It compels us to restructure our view of language teaching both in pedagogical and ideological aspects. It requires that teachers should consider the essential components of post method pedagogy. As Kumaravadivelu (2006) forwarded, post-method pedagogy can be visualized as three-dimensional system consisting of three pedagogic parameters: particularity, practicality and possibility. This study aims to explore  if English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers, who are also Master of Arts (MA) students, have knowledge on Post-Method Pedagogy; to learn about their attitudes, beliefs and preferences towards it and to examine whether there was a probable relationship between these practising teachers’ attitudes and reflections on their classroom applications or not. To do this, 9 active EFL teachers pursuing their MA degrees at a Turkish state university, Institute of Educational Sciences, in English Language Education Master’s Programme were administered a survey. Findings indicate that the participants have knowledge of the post-method pedagogy and most of them have positive attitudes about the classroom practices regarding implementation of strategies and parameters. Participants’ responses indicated “particularity” as the most important parameter. In terms of the 10 macro-strategies, the participants gave the highest importance to the strategy of “raise cultural awareness”, while they reported to employ “activate intuitive heuristics” as the least.

Atıf Yapan Eserler
Henüz Atıf Yapılmamıştır

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