Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care

Journal of Aging and Long-Term Care

Posttraumatic growth among Turkish older adults with diabetes

Yazarlar: Emre SENOL-DURAK, Mithat DURAK

Cilt 1 , Sayı 2 , 2018 , Sayfalar 55 - 63

Konular:Beşeri Bilimler, Ortak Disiplinler

Anahtar Kelimeler:Posttraumatic Growth, Cognitive Processing, Perceived Social Support, Social Support from Family, Avoidance, a Number of Children

Özet: Diabetes is one of the well-known chronic disorder affects older adults life dramatically. Psychological effects of diabetic patients have been mentioned in several studies that highlight negative psychological consequences on patients. However, chronic disorders like diabetes are also related to several positive psychological changes. One of the positive changes, posttraumatic growth has been mentioned in literature as increase positive life view, changes in social relationships, engage in purposeful life activities, be aware of life worth after experiencing life changes such as suffering from a chronic illness, diabetes. The aim of the present study is to investigate possible associations among socio-demographic variables, perceived social support, cognitive processing and posttraumatic growth among diabetic older adults. Data were collected from diabetic older adults (N= 191) living in Turkey. Results revealed that a higher number of children, being outpatient and higher dietary adherence were associated with the PTG. After controlling the effect of socio-demographic variables, treatment-related variables, perceived social support received from family, and avoidance dimension of cognitive processing were significantly related with posttraumatic growth. Results were discussed in the sample of older adults. Key Practitioners Message When considering the ratio of diabetes among older adults is increasing, building a development strategy about growth is crucial. Bingocize®, a strategic combination of exercise, education, and the game of bingo, is an innovative program shown to improve quality of life. A U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Civil Money Penalty grant is a pragmatic way to access Bingocize® and is also available for other projects or programs capable of improving nursing home residents’ quality of life.

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