Florya Chronicles of Political Economy

Florya Chronicles of Political Economy

Cultural Imperialism and McDonaldization in the Scope of Post-Colonial Perspective

Yazarlar: ["Güngör ŞAHİN", "Zeynep GÜNEY"]

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Anahtar Kelimeler:World Systems Theory,Cultural Imperialism,Globalization,McDonaldization,Post Colonialism

Özet: With the globalization wave, which manifested itself seriously after the Cold War, the borders of the states in general became permeable, their full independence in military, political and economic terms was weakened, their sovereign rights were limited, and they were forced to keep up with global attribution. Western liberalism has been turned into a level that states must reach rather than an ideology. The individual orientation and nation-state localization in Western liberalism have been reduced to sub-national micro nationalisms. In addition, one of the basic pillars of the state was taken away with the separation of free trade and economy from politics. In this way, the emerging internationally effective companies have accelerated the process of integrating Western culture with other states by weakening the cultural distinctions brought about by spatial borders between states. However, this situation has become a system that includes not only Western culture, but also cultural expansion that takes place in the global and regional sense. The aim of this study is to examine the multidimensional changes brought about by the globalization wave and to seek answers to the questions of who and in what way these changes are used. The study gains importance in terms of drawing the factual framework of the status quo in the international system and making sense of the impact of the global system in the individual sphere. In the wake of working it has been found that the fact that cultural imperialism is based on a capital basis causes cultural standardization to begin to decentralize, the competition in the international order and the increase in international representation in local cultures and the reverse colonization wave has begun to gain strength in the face of the perception of globality created today, and this situation is the result of the hegemonic era created by the intensity of today's globalization being western-based, meaning that it is a finite process. In this qualitative research, many historical sources, books, theses and articles, which are secondary data, will be examined, and research techniques such as content analysis, discourse analysis and hermeneuticism will be used.

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