Anadolu Bil Meslek Yüksekokulu Dergisi

Anadolu Bil Meslek Yüksekokulu Dergisi

Kentsel Yaşam ve Yozlaşma

Yazarlar: Özcan ERDOĞAN

Cilt - , Sayı 41 , 2016 , Sayfalar 13 - 33


Anahtar Kelimeler:Urban life,Rural life,Migration,Degeneration,Urban culture

Özet: Cities have been settlements of great importance throughout history. Bearing in mind the development of historical development of the city, cities have played a major role in the socialization of humankind and in the formation of norms and shared values as well as many other social phenomena. As the importance of it has become more prominent, urban life has become an important field of study, especially for the developing countries. Today as large portion of the world’s population are settled in cities this has resulted in a growing increase in the population of urban settlements while having a huge impact on the social, economic and cultural structure of social life. Due to uncontrolled migration from rural areas to cities, both in rural areas and cities distinctive areas of life and culture which belong to neither of these have begun to form and our cities have begun to show signs of physical, social and cultural deterioration as a result of which, urban integration, social dialog and a shared urban culture has become increasingly more implausible. Migration started in the West in the 19th century with industrialisation. In our country, huge numbers of people from rural communities began to migrate into urban areas in the 1950s. This spatial transformation has brought many changes in the social sphere too. First of all, the newcomers unable to preserve their own social and cultural values were also alien to the social structure and culture of the city unable to integrate the values pertaining to urban life. As a result, a hybrid life style which was neither rural nor urban was born. These new city dwellers who did not feel that they belonged to the city they lived began to form informal relationships with relatives and through community centres where their fellow townsfolk attended as a way of holding on to urban life in the city rather than through formal relationships that are part of modern urban life. This article will trace the developmental progress of cities in history in general and open to discussion the problems of urbanisation encountered today enquiring whether the migrant communities from rural areas have been able to adapt and integrate into urban life or whether they have been unable to do so by rather continuing to preserve their rural habits and values in the city. It will also discuss the problems of the migrant city dwellers and the reasons for the degeneration that took place in their culture

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