International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Environmental Modelling

International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Environmental Modelling

Bacterial Social Engagements: Production and Management of Virulence in Pathogenic Bacteria of Quorum Sensing System (Interbacterial Communication) which was First Noticed in Oceans with Bioluminescence

Yazarlar: ["Nurdan FİLİK", "Fethi FİLİK"]

Cilt - , Sayı Cilt: 5 Sayı: 2 , 2022 , Sayfalar -


Anahtar Kelimeler:Quorum Sensing System,Interbacterial Communication,Bioluminescence,Virulence,Vibrio fischeri

Özet: Quorum Sensing System (QS) is a bacteria- bacteria communication process in which bacteria use the production and detection of extracellular chemicals called autoinducers (AIs) to monitor bacteria population density. QS allows bacteria to synchronize the gene expression of the group, and thus act in unison. Once the bacteria communicate and synchronize through the AHL molecules of the QS system, they perform their vital work and operations. By proving QS, it is claimed that bacteria are not asocial, they can calculate their numbers in the environment, and some researchers may even have a so-called artificial intelligence. In this review, the QS system of Vibrio fischeri bacteria is explained and the bioluminescence feature and virulence factors in QS management is explained. While the functions of bioluminescence are not known for all animals, frequently bioluminescence is used to warn or evade predators, to lure or detect prey, and for communication between members of the same species. It has been explained that pathogenic bacteria create virulence with the T1SS, T2SS, T3SS, T4SS, T5SS, T6SS, T7SS secretion system under the control of the QS system through AHL molecules and initiate the disease process.

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